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Breuss massage Relaxation

Besides Breuss massage Health we have Breuss massage Relaxation.
The Breuss massage is a soft, delicate massage of the vertebrae, which is performed manually to help you to push through mental, energetic and physical blockages.
We use St. John's Wort Oil and silk paper which is acting deep on the tissue and finally calms the nerves.
This massage can be chosen to obtain a nice deep relaxation.

Please contact us for a gift certificate for the Breuss massage for someone who worth a fine relaxation.

Nutri Touch Relaxation

Besides Nutri Touch Health we have Nutri Touch Relaxation.
This electro massage may be useful in the treatment of specific areas of muscle tone caused by stress.
We offer a combo package for pure relaxation or energy generation for all ages including:

- Reflexology therapie
- Optionally in combination with Quantum-Touch
- Ultra package on request: in combination with Breuss massage.

You will feel after this treatment(s) reborn!
Chair massage for Companies and Relaxation

It is a fantastic resource that can be deployed. Effective on many fronts
Because this is not only used for a natural and effective way of improving health, it is of course also used for great 15 - 20 minutes of enjoyment.

One of the leading benefits of chair massage is relaxation of body and mind.
Taking many tasks and responsibilities, making important decisions, having great achievements, worrying about something, this all leads to tension.
Often this tension leads to shoulder pain, back pain, headaches, neck pain, hip complaints.
If you ask too much of yourself, sooner or later this will cause complaints.
During a chair massage your therapist uses his / her hands, elbows, or other tools to stretch your muscles and put pressure on the affected tissues. This will react on cramped muscles for achieving smooth muscle relaxation. Not only that, but you can mentally relax a bit.

As muscles relax, blood reached a greater degree of muscle tissue, will result in better circulation. The manipulation of the muscle also helps forcing blood through the tissue. An enhanced circulation provides for the improvement of oxygen and nutrient uptake in the muscle, better separation of waste products from the muscles back into the bloodstream, where they can be eliminated from the body.

Fully dressed:
Another benefit of chair massage is that it is done fully clothed. This allows individuals who may be discouraged from a full-body table massage due to self-consciousness about their body being exposed. Chair massage is a way to gain some of the benefits of massage while still wearing all your clothing.

A massage chair is also available. Massage chairs are portable, so you can find us often set up in business, sports, activities fairs, shopping, shops and private homes. It also facilitates access to massage them: such as the elderly, can have difficulty getting onto a massage table.

Positive Touch:
Chair massage also offers psychological benefits:
Chair massage offers people who do not receive regular "good" touching, like a hug or a caring hand on the shoulder, can now benefit from the touch of massage, which promotes health and wellness.